It’s not enough to have a great name for your business, unfortunately. No matter how long you spent coming up with it, the name itself is not enough to entice customers to spend money in your shop. They will be more convinced by the quality of the sign and the design elements on it. Luckily, that means that you can now devote your marketing budget to creating indoor/outdoor signs that will attract buyers. You should work with professionals to make sure you get attractive designs and durable materials. Here are some characteristics of effective signs.

Tips for long-lasting, quality signs

The first thing you need to consider is the tone and color scheme of your business. You need to select a font type and color palette that makes sense given your business. For instance, if you sell seafood, you might go with blues and greens. If you sell upscale, luxury items, then you’ll *need a design* that communicates a higher price point. Once you know the visual elements, it’s time to consider materials. Expert design companies know which materials can hold up to weather and sunlight. Indoor/outdoor signs should be aligned with their designs, so that customers see the outdoor signage reflected in the indoor signage.

Custom Graphics
Outdoor signs require additional maintenance to last the years.

Maintenance tips

When it comes to maintaining your sign, you’ll have a much easier time if you choose materials that are durable. You’d never expect a cardboard banner to last more than a week outside, right? With metal or plastic signs, you can enjoy long-lasting advertising for your business. If the signage is indoors, consider full color banners to attract attention. Remember, everything needs to be maintained. Prolong the life of your investment by regularly maintaining your *outdoor signs*. Wipe down and re-coat the outdoor signs (or hire experts to do it for you). Replace lightbulbs and double-check the wiring for marquees. For indoor signs, wipe them free of dust and grime and make sure they’re not cracking because of dry air.

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