Sign Design

How important is it?

Many times it is the first impression of your business. No amount of quality or special fabrication can make up for a bad design.
Good design can communicate the nature and style of your business.

Signs are designed much differently than print design because they are viewed from a distance. Visibility is essential. Sometimes certain lettering or graphics, that look good on print, do not read well on signs. We can work with you to insure your design is not only pleasing, but visible. For sign design, simplicity is key. Many times viewers only have a few seconds to read your sign if they are in a moving vehicle. The more items you add to your sign the more time & effort is required to read it. What is the purpose of your sign? Is it the main ID sign for your storefront, behind a reception desk, a directional or informational sign, or used for advertising? The function plays a large part in determining the design along with the type of business you are in.
For architectural signs materials utilized can contribute greatly to the design.

The Process



Editing & Revisions

Customer Approval


If you have existing artwork we can work with you to insure it is portrayed in the best possible manner.