Reception Area / Lobby Signs are an excellent location to display your corporate or business image. They usually are one of the first impressions the public sees when entering your business environment. These signs will give creedance to the quality and stability of your business. These signs can be truly impressive, like a nice piece of furniture. There are a broad spectrum of materials, finishes, fabrication techniques, and mounting methods to make your corporate image unique to your space.

Some of the materials and finishes include:

Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, painted metals, faux metals. Glass
Painted Finishes
Faux Finishes
Concealed neon or LED Illumination

Our Process

1– We will discuss with you what you are interested in, whether it is displaying your logo, etc.
2– Usually a site visit is required to take measurements, photos, and to look at the surroundings of your space to help you determine the best materials and display method to incorporate into your sign.
3– Provide designs and sample materials for your approval.
4– Provide a full size paper pen drawing of the design to tape on the wall to make sure you like the size of the sign. Sometimes what we think is a good size, when actually displayed on the wall appears too small or too large. Adustments in size can be made accordingly.
5– Fabricate the sign.
6– Install the sign.