Digital signage can be a great asset when it comes to developing the branding of your business-if it’s handled correctly. A bad digital sign will either leave potential customers confused about what your business represents, or rejecting it outright. The best way to avoid this situation is see some of the common issues that can pop up ahead of time so you know how to avoid them. Here’s how to start.

Consider Requirements

One major thing to think about when it comes to digital signage is the requirements. Depending on where you’re putting the sign, this could either be basic size issues (not setting up a sign too large for the space) or actual ordinances controlling the size you can utilize. The best thing to do, alongside your branding brainstorm, is to scope out the planned space so you know exactly the requirements you have to work with. Remember, this is about not just having physical space, but the ability to read the digital message clearly.

Outdoor Considerations

So, with this in mind, what happens when it comes to outdoor business signs? Some of the major mistakes that you see with signage include using audio where it’s not appropriate. Outdoors, you don’t have any control over acoustics, so your message may either get garbled, quiet, or simply be too difficult to interpret.

Outdoor signs have general and their own unique issues to be mindful of.

From there, there’s also the general mistakes that people make with a digital sign. These include having a message that’s too stale, as well as failing to get your entire team up to speed on the software that controls the messaging.

Royal Signs creates architectural signs, digital or otherwise, made with premium materials that will last quite some time. You’ll avoid a lot of these issues with our help. To get started, be sure to contact us today so we can start working on your next signage project.

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