Blade signs are a great way to advertise your shop or restaurant in a cost-effective way, they are usually mounted to a wall, column or pole and work very well in crowded areas with lots of people passing by. Today we want to write about 4 benefits of advertising with custom-made blade signs.

4 Reasons to Choose Custom Blade Signs for Your Business


If made by a professional signage company with qualified designers, blade signs can be very attractive, create a positive impression about your company, and encourage potential customers to come into your shop, buy from you and increase your income.


Blade signs are very effective for businesses where there is a lot of foot traffic, like in a shopping mall, airport, sports facilities, and many other crowded areas where there are many people passing by. Custom blade signs are commonly double-sided which allows being viewed from both sides, no matter which direction the passersby are going.


High-quality blade signs are a great complement to other signage solutions like wall signs and awnings. This is a great advantage for places like restaurants, drug stores, and many other shops that are in front of a sidewalk.

Brand Awareness

Brand recognition is very important for any business to grow, if people don’t know about your brand then they won’t buy from you. Blade signs are an elegant way to advertise your brand and let your potential customers know that you are there.

Custom Blade Signs

Cost-Effective Signage Solutions for Your Business in Colorado

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