Many businesses go to great lengths to try and communicate their brand values to potential clients and customers, but a lot of the time, corporate signage is ignored as an option. This is a major mistake, seeing the potential in a basic sign or logo to encapsulate everything that applies to you as a company. Keeping this in mind, here’s how you can start working.

Sign Materials

Before committing to a concept for a sign, it’s a good idea to look at the architectural materials available to you first. When it comes to choosing your materials, you want to not only think about the practical elements, like how much they cost and how durable they will be based on where your building is, but also the image they communicate.

Amazing Indoor Signs
Different materials project a different image of your company.

For example, going for a signage material like aluminum or metal will give off a far more modern look than rustic materials like wood. Neither one is better than the other, it’s all about what you want to give off as an image.

Your Business Soul

This feeds into the greater concept of a “business soul” for your company. Every company that starts out is generally built on some key brand principles, like having the top customer service, a fun environment, or treating employees like family. When you decide to get architectural signs made, it’s a good idea for your team leadership to sit down and see what these items really mean. They will impact just about any decision you make, from materials to font to even placement.

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