Well-illuminated business sign

illuminated signs add style and elegance to your business.

When it comes to calling people’s attention and catching new potential customers, nothing works better than a striking, creative, and well-illuminated business sign. Therefore, it is vital to learn how and what to check from your business signage in order to keep it nice and elegant. Otherwise, even in the shiniest daylight, a single burned bulb can scare away the most faithful client. Not well-illuminated business signs immediately display a sense of carelessness, instability, and poor quality of your products and services.

Common signage lighting problems

As technology continues to innovate and evolve, new and better options to illuminate your business sign will arrive. Today, there are multiple alternatives for illuminated signage such as the classic neon lights or new trends like LED signs. Nonetheless, basically all of them continue to present the same usual problems, like uneven lighting, hotspots, electrical failures, and shadows. Like any other electrical equipment, they are subject to normal wear out, but you can avoid unexpected inconveniences with a little regular maintenance.

Signage illumination

Avoid common signage lighting problems.


Even though this is not a technical failure, it is a very common issue. Not locating your signage in the proper place could end up demanding too much energy from the lighting system, extremely reducing its lifespan. Signs will require different lighting techniques depending on its location and surroundings. If your signage constantly suffers energy overcharges, you might need to consider relocating it.

Sign design

Sometimes, people make the mistake of choosing their signage illumination option just by thinking about energy efficiency or how it looks, ignoring other important elements that must coexist together in order to illuminate your signage evenly. It is important to focus on your signage dimensions, location, colors, and materials. Also, go over its purpose, considering how long is it going to be on. With this information, an expert will be able to determine, the type of signage and illuminating system that best suits your needs.

Among the most popular and efficient illuminated signage options that you can find are:

  • Cabinet Signs
  • Light Box Signs
  • Neon Signs
  • LED Signs
  • Backlit Displays

Remember, illuminated signage are electrical and delicate systems that require extreme caution when performing any action relating to them. It is recommended to contact a professional in these matters. Besides, keeping a regularly scheduled maintenance visit can significantly reduce maintenance costs.


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