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Using logos in business signage

People build their business signage with one main objective in mind: getting immediate recognition. Adding a business logo to your signage can be an excellent alternative to achieve this goal, but designing and incorporating a logo to your business sign is not that easy. Failing to do so can end up creating confusion and distracting potential customers.

Signage logos

Designing your business signage logo.

Designing effective business logos

Your business logo is a graphic representation of what your business is all about, what it stands for, and what makes it different from others. According to experts, it takes about 90 seconds for a human being to make a subconscious judgment about someone, an environment, or item within. This is precisely the time you have in order to establish your brand’s identity while creating a sense of confidence and professionalism through your logo. This way, you can build loyalty between your business and your customers.

First, you need to make an inside research. Go over your company, its services, mission, vision, goals, what makes it different from others, your target audience, and their profile.

Once you have this information, try to write your mission statement in one sentence. This will help you determine the message you desire your logo to convey.

Try to keep it simple. Using too many colors at once or complicated typographies could end up distracting your customers. Remember: you will be using your logo not only on your signage but also on stationary items and banners, among many others.

Establish your brand’s identity

Types of signage logos

Types of logos

Graphic designers usually classify logos in three different categories: font-based logos, abstract logos, and illustrated logos.

  • Illustrated logos are graphic logos that literally represent what the company does, like a wrench illustrating a mechanic workshop or a cupcake illustrating a bakery.
  • Abstract logos are graphic elements that do not necessarily represent a real object. These can be very attractive; however, such logos are hard to remember. It takes time and money to be able to get recognition by an abstract logo. This means, that your abstract logo will be meaningless until your business can convey what it does and gets related to the image.
  • Font-based logos are the easiest to remember. They consist primarily of a type of font treatment. Small details and typography twists can provide amazing results in logo designing.

Finally, you should focus on your colors. As well as all the other elements, colors should emphasize the philosophy and strategy of the corporation. Colors will always make a strong statement about the organization and how it does business. However, it is always better to keep it simple. Use one or two colors at the most.

Following these tips should get you going with your logo designing. However, it is recommended to look for an expert’s opinion. This way, you can assure the success of your investment.

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