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The amount of elements and variables to consider when designing and creating successful signage is overwhelming. There is so much to take into consideration that is quite easy to miss something and ruined your entire project, losing valuable time and money.

One of the most common obstacle people faces when designing their business sign is which font or letter typeface to use. The wide range of choices can easily become a headache for anyone. Even the most experienced graphic designer struggles a while when selecting a font. We know this from our own experience; therefore, we would like to share some useful information that could help you in this task. This way, you can save some time either coming up with a solution yourself or transmitting your ideas and expectations to a professional.

Most common typefaces

Before going over the ridiculous amount of fonts there is, try to consider elements such as the sign’s location. Who is your target audience? What is your business profile? Which products or services you plan to offer? Consider these in addition to the specific message you want to deliver. This will help you get rid of several groups of typefaces.

Graphic designers usually classify fonts in four groups, and understanding their particularities could help defining where and when is better to use them.

signage fonts

Choosing the correct sign font is essential.

Serif fonts

Serif fonts are very popular in business signs because they emphasize professionalism, confidence, strength, and readability. Serif fonts have strokes or little feet – small, angled line projecting from the upper and lower ends of the letter – that convey a traditional, classic feeling. They are easy to read and pretty useful with large texts.

Sans Serif fonts

Sans serif fonts lack the feet. In fact, the word sans means “without.” They generally have a clean, simple, modern, and sensible feel to them. For instance, Arial and Helvetica. They can be found on websites, large street signs, and headlines.

Script fonts

Script fonts simulate that they have been hand-written. They basically look like the cursive handwriting, but cursive letters are joined together. They are stylish and formal, but they could be difficult to read. So, use them carefully.

Novelty fonts

Novelty fonts must be used carefully because they could turn annoying. Nonetheless, well-applied, they could become charming, fun, and eye-catching. They can be used on headlines because they are loud and flashy, but avoid abusing them.

This basic classification can help you determine how your signage could and should look. Nonetheless, remember there are a ton of elements and variables to go over. Your best choice will always be hiring a professional to take your project. In the end, you are investing in the success of your business.

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