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Climate experts are predicting a strong, cold, winter. However, this is no surprise in high elevation areas such as Colorado, where it is winter for most of the year on our mountain peaks, with the snow-free time lasting only a few weeks. Anyway, weather forecasts are expecting a harsh winter, and you should get your business ready, especially if you don’t want it to fade in the snow.

Winter is a perfect time for Colorado businesses to boost their profits, as tourists, cold-weather sports enthusiasts, and citizens take advantage of the holidays and spend free time in the area. However, blustery conditions, relentless snowfall, and freezing temperatures can make finding your business quite a challenge for people. It is as simple as not been able to see your business sign. No sign, no business…

Some predict that the Denver area will see about 60 inches of snow – which is close to the 30-year average – while foothill locations will pick up 80 to 100 inches of snow. Therefore, here are some tips to apply this winter in order to avoid customers running by unaware of your business and to catch those dollars they are willing to spend.

Get Noticed!

dimensional lettering signPrevention is the key before the storm hits. So, even though winter in upon us, you can still go over your illuminated sign and perform routine inspections to make sure everything is functioning properly. Ensure your signage lighting is working properly so that consumers will feel more secure arriving at your place of business throughout the long, dark winter months.

It’s critically important to make sure your signage remains fully lit for long winter nights. You don’t want to reflect a poor establishment. Business signage that’s either half-lit or lacking functional illumination altogether can easily scare away your customers.

Maintenance Is Essential

The worst thing that can happen to you during the holidays is being forced to change your outdoor sign because the harsh winter spoiled it, especially when it is possible that you won’t be able to change until summer.

To avoid this, you will need to implement proper maintenance measures. It takes time and hard work keeping your outdoor signs working properly, but there are also options to establish a scheduled maintenance performed by experts, increasing your sign’s lifespan.

Upgrade Your Technology

You might need to consider upgrading your old neon or fluorescent sign lighting system into an LED system. In addition to consistently brighter illumination, LEDs come on instantly. This can prove important during the cold winter months, as older fluorescent and HID systems tend to take an extended period of time to ramp up to full brightness. They also last longer.

Follow these easy tips and easily guide your customers to your business through the white, harsh winter.

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